• Durable Reinforced Tarpaulins Protective Cover. Protect your surface and objects from damage with this tarpaulin cover sheet.
  • Tarpaulins are intended to cover and secure objects, both indoors and outdoors. The edges of the tarpaulin are finished with reinforced bounds. Around the whole circumference of the tarpaulin there are aluminium fixing eyelets (every about 1m).
  • Tarpaulins are waterproof, mould-resistant and easy to wash. Perfect for covering cars, trailers, boats, shelters, agricultural materials, wood, furniture and garden pools. Also suitable for domestic and professional use, e.g. during construction and renovation works.
  • The product has been made of polyethylene, which makes it extremely durable, and retains its functional properties. Notice: The supplier has the right in his policy during the production of his tarpaulin to make it +10% as -10% big.
  • UK Based and VAT Registered Seller.

, 2 x 3 m Blue Tarpaulin Waterproof Furniture Caravan Cover Sheet Multipurpose,, , SolaDirect, ,

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8 reviews for SolaDirect,

  1. Jon

    I’m wondering where all the 5 star reviews are coming from? A change of supplied material after an initial run of better quality product perhaps?

    I now notice that the item is a multi-product listing, where you choose a colour/type. Perhaps this allows a loophole where suppliers can substitute inferior quality items after an initial successful product, but still keep all the great reviews for the old product?

    The item I was supplied with (3 x 4 m Blue Tarpaulin Waterproof Furniture Caravan Cover Sheet Multipurpose) is no thicker or durable than a (light weight) garden refuse sack. Totally useless for it’s design purpose. This thing isn’t going to survive a windstorm or wind blown objects hitting it.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I ordered 3 x tarpaulins ( different colours ) 2 of them were the brand I ordered SOLA , but the blue tarps which I also expected to be the sola brand were in fact named PLANDEKA and were basically paper thin with no weight /sturdiness to them , my point to sola is this …..if you have not got any blue sola tarps in stock ( the ones I ordered from the description on amazon , you should not send out poor quality substitutes ,it’s false economy for me because I can clearly they would not last out one single period of bad weather in comparison to the better quality tarps I have , just say they are out of stock so people won’t waste their money in the first instance .

  3. Lynselbob

    Bought to put under our large paddling pool so we could climb out onto it rather than the grass, and to help protect the bottom of the pool. So thin it couldn’t be used for that. Have used it to cover the pool instead – it’s ideal for that. The main description should state that it is lightweight so that it doesn’t get mis-sold.

  4. Rafe Zetter

    Didn’t bode well when I opened it and one of the eyelets fell off straight away. It’s an ok tarp, not very thick but will suffice for what I need to cover indoors. I recently bought some tarps from a well known supermarket which were cheaper and much bigger and thicker than this one but unfortunately they had none left when I needed one quickly, hence this purchase. Wouldn’t want to use it outside as it’s a bit flimsy and I feel it could rip quite easily if snagged on a sharp corner.

  5. David

    Lightweight and cheap, this is like paper, its not even useful as a groundsheet as i think it would rip with a slight touch, its more like what you would buy from poundland or a bargain buy store, these sellers saw us coming…… its the last time i buy items like this on amazon, ive sent so much stuff back recently that i give up, i used to associate Amazon with quality sellers but it seems to many have come over from ebay but charge so much more for their items…….

  6. Millie Rosen

    Although the seller was very good at communicating, when this product finally arrived I wasn’t impressed with the quality, which is extremely low and I cannot recommend it sadly. It’s so paper thin it feels as if it would tear under the slightest amount of pressure. I got it to cover up my BBQ and a few other things but I’d need to layer at least 3 of them to feel comfortable enough that it would protect anything and although it hasn’t stood the test of rain yet, I’m not sure I feel confident that it is waterproof.
    I know if it get’s caught on anything it will rip immediately and I’ve had tarpaulins in the past that are much stronger. The only redeeming factor is that it’s so large I am able to double it up. Disappointed overall and I’d recommend spending a little more on something more heavy-duty that will last.

  7. Rafe Zetter


    First off, I bought this on the 28th may, for £14.99 and now see that it’s priced £2 cheaper as of 22/6, less than a month later, AND one of the “reinforced” corners has already torn away a section about 8 inches long (it was pegged down to cover some items in the back garden, so putting any more strain on it will probably tear it right off!

    Normally the reinforcing corner sections of a tarp are welded / moulded to the tarp itself, but this is a plastic corner that’s been added to the eyelet and isn’t actually attached to the tarp material to actually…… REINFORCE IT.

    Now that I’ve had a chance to really look at it, I can also see there are sections where the internal mesh is damaged or missing, the second picture shows that the corner wasn’t made properly, and the “welded” overlap – isn’t… welded OR overlapping, and the white reinforcing edge rope doesn’t even reach the eyelets!


  8. Mr. K. Warsap

    Bought these as they were supposed to be extra strong and waterproof??? Well lightweight they are waterproof and strong they are not. Used to cover over a rabbit run just to give a bit of protection to the rabbit thought that these would be perfect so I purchased two of them well I used the one and used some cord through the eyes that are built into it and they fell out and ripped the tarp plus the rain leaked through and over a couple of weeks it just shredded. Absolutely useless. If you are going to use it indoors then I recommend it but for outdoors I wouldn’t bother as it will last about a week and fall apart. Value for money yes it was cheap but as for waterproof and extra strong no I don’t think so.

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