• Collapsible and Portable Design: Our dog pool is collapsible design, it’s portable for you to carry. As a wading pool, it can be folded into a small size easy to store and carry with for camping or traveling, and also space-saving for storage at home.
  • Durable PVC Material: The pet pool is made of high-quality PVC, thick and high-strength twinwall polypropylene sheets are built-in to support the whole pool stably without easy collapse. The anti-skid bottom can prevent your pets from slipping when they jump around in the bath pool.
  • Simple to Use: Due to the simple structure, this foldable bathtub is simple and easy to use. there’s no need to inflate it. You will be able to set it up quickly and easily. You can find a drain at its side, just open the plug that will make it easier for you to drain water.
  • Easy to Clean: Cleanup is a easy thing for the pool! To clean, simply wipe with a soft cloth and mild soap, then rinse. (To help your pool last longer, twist off the cap to drain all water after and fold it flat when you need to put the pool in storage.)
  • Multi-Purpose: It is widely suitable for kids, cats, dogs or other pets that enjoy paddling or playing in the water. It can be used as a tub to bathe your pet, or as pool for them to lounge or play in during hot summer weather. Cooling a pet down has just got easier It’s great for dogs, cats, or any pet; give your pet its own outdoor pool and watch their enjoyment as it splashes around in the water.

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  1. Zepherous

    I got the largest pet pool for my cats thinking that cats do not like water so I may as well get the big one and then it can be passed on to kids. I have however tried my best to make the pool attractive to the cats by adding a platform and a trickling fountain. Up to now we’ve had paws dipped in and a tail fall in off the platform.
    They do seem to like being by the water but not in it. They loved the pool when it was empty and dry.
    The pool itself is heavy. The sides are stiff panels and the base and sides a made with thick strong material. The base of the pool is non-slip or at least has grips to prevent slipping. I have not yet tried the pool on kids to see how well it fairs. The pool holds its water with no leakage. Draining the pool is done by twisting the cap off the plug opening. Once the water level is right down the pool can be tipped over and allowed to dry completely before being stored. Returning it to it’s box is slightly more difficult than the box suggests. For a pool that is strong and large (160cm by 30cm) the price seems to be as you would expect (£54.96).

  2. Zepherous

    I have one of these pools the smaller sized one and when I had the opportunity to get another to review I jumped at the chance. I am reviewing the XL sized. The first impression is well packaged and quite heavy. This pool is very well made and that’s why it’s quite heavy as the advert shows it’s reinforced to hold up to wear and tear. It has a convenient drain hole to empty the water to the point where you can tip it over on the grass etc. It’s extremely easy to erect and it’s all connected and no inflating is required. When straight out of packet it’s a bit creased and needs a bit of gentle persuasion to stand upright to fill with water I just put a light weight at one end to keep it up. Once the water reaches an inch or so it’s fine. The more this is up the easier it is next time. It fold away neatly although I have never managed to get is back in the box and use a strong black bag for storage over winter. Very tough plastic and should not rip with play especially dogs with claws.
    Excellent buy. Only one small annoyance on the box the measurements are in inches and on the label it’s in centimetres 😉 don’t be fooled like I was to start with

  3. Nick Mercedes

    KPUY Foldable Dog Pool

    I ordered the 160cm version and it is big enough to fit a large dog and an adult. The sides did stay up and keep the water inside. The pool has polypropylene sheets cut into segments that keep it sturdy. I did notice that the edges of these are quite sharp and on one edge the PVC has been scuffed to make a small hole which was very disappointing.
    It unfolds easily but is not so easy to fold and fit in the supplied plastic zip back.
    As far as its competitors go, this pool is above average standard. I wouldn’t advise setting on top of stone patio or similar due to the scuffing, but other than that, it’s a great pool.

  4. lea

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     I wanted to get my dog a pool last summer but left it too late and couldn’t get one anywhere. This pool was definitely worth the wait though, it is so much stronger than the ones I had been looking at originally.
    My dog Blue doesn’t care for the heat, but he loves being outside in the garden, we had to go in last year when it was hot so he would join us. The thing is Blue isn’t a huge fan of water, but only because he hasn’t had the chance to experience it, I don’t know anything about his puppy years as he has been in the SSPCA 3 times. This pool is ideal because it is strong, strong enough for me to go in with his, he is my side kick so if I go in, so will he. I plan to spend time before the hot weather going in first without water with him, then with a tiny bit and building up. It was my trainer who suggested that, and I think it will work as he is fine jumping in and out the pool without water.
    The sides are 12 inches high, high enough to be able to keep even the biggest of dogs cool without being a danger, of course if you have a small breed then they would need to be supervised. Weight capacity is 242lbs, Blue and I don’t add up to that much together, so it’s perfect.
    It is easy to fill as we have an outside tap, you could use containers, but it would take longer, emptying is easy too, there is a drainage valve near the bottom, so many ponds don’t include that.
    It is really easy to fold down for storage during the winter.

  5. lea

    This is a foldable portable pool, so not just for your garden but you can take it away with you ( obviously you will need access to water!) When i took the pool out of the box it was in a protective plastic resealable bag, i opened this up and took the pool out, it was folded up ( not that heavy ) and there was what looked like 2 repair patches which will be handy if you get any small leaks or punctures. The pool was very easy to set up, just unfold and fill! The whole pool is made from thick plastic and the sides are rigid plastic to help it stand up. When water is added – the water pressure on the sides then give it further stability. I would advise you look at how it is folded up when you unfold it ( i didnt ) and so when i came to fold it back up, it didnt quite go back in the box as neatly, therefore making storing this a little more bulky ( see pics ) If using a cold hose to fill this up, I would recommend maybe waiting an hour or so after you’ve filled the pool before using it as I found the water icy cold as soon as it was filled but after about an hour, had been warmed by the sun and was much more tolerable and enjoyable, especially for the doggies. This pool is pretty big, great for the kids and dogs alike, even my partner has used this to cool down in… . When you want to empty this, there is a plug on the side wall, use this to release the water. All in all a great well made quality pool that won’t easily burst from claws. Just need the hot weather now!

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