Intex 6ft x 20in Easy Set Swimming Pool #28101, Blue,

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Intex 6ft x 20in Easy Set Swimming Pool #28101, Blue,



Intex 6ft x 20in Easy Set Swimming Pool #28101, Blue,

  • The Easy Set Pool is the perfect and convenient product to have fun on the bright sunny days
  • The Easy Set Pool is the perfect starter pool. Quick and super-easy to set-up and the right size for your younger kids
  • The Easy Set Pool Water capacity: 886 Litres
  • Easy Set Pool dimensions: 183 cm x 51 cm
  • The Easy Set Pool builds itself as it fills and comes with a drain plug for easy emptying for customer convenience
  • The Easy Set Pool is a robust and strong alternative, because the sidewalls are made with 3 separate layers of material for extra strength and durability
  • The Easy Set Pool is suitable for ages +6

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Additional information

Product Dimensions


Part number


Item display height

‎51 centimetres

Item display weight

‎3.2 Grams

Material type



‎886 litres

Item volume

‎886 Litres



8 reviews for Intex 6ft x 20in Easy Set Swimming Pool #28101, Blue,

  1. kevin mcquilkin

    JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERD, my grandchildren and wife can’t seem to keep out of it, takes a long time to fill so if you can’t wait, buy a smaller one, BUT YOU WILL WISH YOU GOT THE BIGGER ONE. only had it two days..

  2. Bella

    This review is for the 6ft x 20inch.

    I bought this as a replacement for our family holiday to Spain. (Thanks Covid-19) If you’re drunk enough, and the sun is hot enough, it can be convincing.

    I blew the ring up with my very own set of lungs because I couldn’t be bothered to search the garage looking for a bike pump that would probably turn out to be bitterly disappointing anyway. It was easy to do by mouth. Then I set it up all by myself at 6am and it was a cinch. It filled in less than 2 hours. No rips, holes or pops.
    I chuck in some baby bottle sterilising tablets at night and then cover it with tarp.
    The kids love it but they scream and splash constantly which is my idea of hell when I’m trying to drink wine in my deck chair.

    As pools go, this one is nothing short of fantastic. Get one.

  3. Andrew

    Easy to set up, allow 3 hours to fill. The ground has to be absolutely flat. Our garden has a gentle slope which seems insignificant but as soon as you put the water in you notice!
    In my ignorance I didn’t purchase a cleaning kit so unless you want to continually keep refilling the pool make sure you get one (Chlorine tablets etc)

  4. Chloe

    Bought this pool awhile back to be prepared for summer.
    Bought at full price, and I can’t recommend it enough.
    Fill time from an outside tape is very fast at around 2 1/2 hours max.
    My garden is slightly uneven an reading reviews that made me very worried but honestly it made no difference was perfect.
    My biggest advise is don’t try and flatten the bottom completely without water, it won’t happen. Flatten it as much as you can, add a couple of inches of water and then pull the creases out the bottom to make it flat and crinkle free.
    Amazing quality!
    Definitely recommend. Will bring lots of enjoyment for years to come.
    Happy 5 year old and happy mummy.

  5. Matija Potocki


  6. grant

    Good size for about 3 adults, 4 max. Easy to set up and made from good quality materials…would recommend this product. Would also advise a pool cover as it heats the pool when the sun’s shining on it and protects from clumsy flies and bees landing in it.

  7. 6Cerberus9

    Great product well made found one problem the inflated ring has a large valve to inflate it and most standard pumps will not fit it. The time to fill with a standard hose was about 3 hours and need to lift it to smooth out the bottom as it fills. Once filled it sits great and kids love it we did purchase the ground sheet but do not advise to as it is rubbish for best floor protector get foam puzzle squares or a proper ground sheet. There are other extras available like pump and filter, floating chlorine dispenser and pool cover. So far this seems to be great product and reccomend it.

  8. Clair W

    Really great pool, needs to be on a quite flat surface, otherwise it bulges to one side and doesn’t fill properly. We had to move it twice before putting it on the patio. Really easy to set up, does take 2-3 hours to fill, and if you use the hose attatchment to drain the pool it takes all night 🙈 The kids love it and have been in it pretty much every day since we bought it. Fantastic value

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