• 🏊【High Waterproof Performance】This swimming pool thermometer is made of high-quality and durable materials, with higher water resistance and upgraded silicone ring, which enhances the waterproof performance, prevents the LCD screen from fogging during use, and prolongs its service life.
  • 🏊【Fast Response & Accurate Reading】 Built-in a sensitive contact type probe, making it detects water temperature quickly and accurately. Temperature Measurement Range(Pool Thermometer):-40℃~70℃/-40℉~158℉; Temperature Measurement Range(Indoor Receiver): -10℃~60℃/14℉~140℉.Accurate Reading: ±1.0℃/±1.8℉. Support MAX/MIN temperature record.
  • 🏊【Wireless Connection】Wireless rang: 300ft/90m. With the one-way connection, an upgraded technique, it’s much easier to connect the outdoor pool thermometer with the indoor receiver monitor wirelessly. You can check temperature readings with the receiver without going outside the room.
  • 🏊【3 Matches At A Time】The indoor receiver support 3 channels one time, which means you can connect 3 pool thermometers to 1 receiver simultaneously, great for people who need more than 1 thermometer during daily use.
  • 🏊【Multiple Uses】 IPX7 swimming pool thermometer is ideal for indoor & outdoor use such as swimming pools, hot tubs, fish ponds, aquariums, baby bath, spas and all other types of places.

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8 reviews for Inkbird,

  1. Alistair Mccann

    Got a new hot tub and wanted a wireless thermometer so I can check on the temperature from indoors. The thermometer looks great and comes in nice packaging.

    Setting it up is simple but once you screw the lid on tight (to make it waterproof) it stops connecting the to the wireless display! I managed to replicate the lid being closed tight by touching the wires at the bottom of the unit and immediately the unit stops sending data so I can only assume that one or both wires is either lose or has a bad solder joint.

    Such a shame as it was exactly what I wanted.

  2. MR S. Gray

    Liked the fact it has improved waterproofing as this type always let water in after about a year will wait and see

  3. AudM

    Product worked fine at first then in tub screen fogged over with moisture. Taken out of tub and left to dry out for a week until moisture cleared. Put batteries back in and all it shows is LL.L
    Multiple attempts to reset gets same screen. Contact Inkbird via email and receive reply within two hours. Fault acknowledged and new unit despatched and received within 30 hours.
    Product may have been faulty but I can’t fault customer service. Thank you the staff at Inkbird.

  4. MikeB

    Bought this to be able to monitor my above ground pool temperature from my home as I heat it with a heat pump. Worked well for 5 days exactly. Now I have the same problem reported by others. Whilst the unit works, it stopped transmitting to the receiver and will work only if the watertight screw is loose. Which defeats the purpose. Avoid. Waste of £30 quids.

  5. MikeB

    Great tool for letting you know temp remotely, battery usage for 3 months was acceptable but after a battery change it started eating them I changed them 3 days ago photo shows their level.

    Following this review I was contacted by Inkbird customer service dept who I must say were excellent to deal with, my faulty unit was exchanged for a new one which is now functioning correctly Thank you Inkbird.

  6. Greg B

    Put this in my new hot tub with rechargeable batteries to power it. It’s still running accurately after 5 weeks of continual 24/7 use. I can sit in my office and see exactly what the temperature is in the tub outside on the decking. This is a great product – and hope it remains so.. I’ll check back in a years time to update… if I can remember…

  7. Rob Heaven

    Had to return the previous item which came with its own display as the main unit malfunctioned. Decided to replace with bluetooth unit as we have an iPod that we could pair it with. Battery life however is not great on the unit and it only allows you to pair with one device. Other than that it seems accurate and easy to use. It’s about 10m from the iPod (outdoor hot tub) so it works for what we need, I just need to ensure we have a good stock of AA batteries.

  8. Juk

    Works really well, seems quite well calibrated (within 0.2C AFAICT) and is still on the same set of batteries I put in about 2 months ago (from reading the reviews the wireless frequency version of the same can be very battery hungry, but this BlueTooth version seems fine so far).

    Also no sign of any leaking or steaming up (but I was careful to make sure to screw the top on very tightly).

    Overall very pleased.

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