Inflatable Swimming Pool, Jhunswen Large Paddling Pool for Kids Adults with Seat and Backrest, 255cm x 155cm x 44cm, Family Lounge Pool for Garden…,

Inflatable Swimming Pool, Jhunswen Large Paddling Pool for Kids Adults with Seat and Backrest, 255cm x 155cm x 44cm, Family Lounge Pool for Garden…,



Inflatable Swimming Pool, Jhunswen Large Paddling Pool for Kids Adults with Seat and Backrest, 255cm x 155cm x 44cm, Family Lounge Pool for Garden…,

  • 【Keep You Family Cool】: Measuring 255cm x 155cm x 44cm, the inflatable swimming pool can hold up to 2 adults and 2-3 kids; Featuring an inflatable seat with air-cushioned backrest, it’s perfect for adults and kids looking to lounge outside while keeping cool
  • 【Speedy Setup】: Easy to inflate and deflate, the inflatable pool has a two-ring independent air chamber design with 2 safety air plugs to help the pool withstand weight and prevent air leaks.
  • 【Easy to Drain】: Different from other pools, Jhunswen inflatable pool is environmental-friendly to save water due to an extended drainage pipe for connecting to a garden water pipe (5/8″ or 3 /4”) . So that you can reuse the water for your garden.
  • 【Always Keep Safety】: This kiddie pool is produced by Phthalate-free and lead-free PVC, certified by CPSIA, CPC and ASTM. Jhunswen pool provides a safe and harmless conditions for children to play in the water and always be fun.
  • 【Long-Lasting Durability】: Made with durable yet lightweight PVC material to help withstand high temperatures and sunlight, the family pool is perfect for the warmer summer days.

,, 67.89, JHUNSWEN, ,

Additional information

Product Dimensions


Part number


Item display height

‎44 centimetres

Item display length

‎255 centimetres

Item display width

‎155 centimetres

Material type

‎Polyvinyl Chloride

Power source type

‎Hand Powered



4 reviews for Inflatable Swimming Pool, Jhunswen Large Paddling Pool for Kids Adults with Seat and Backrest, 255cm x 155cm x 44cm, Family Lounge Pool for Garden…,

  1. Anthony

    It is a very lovely inflatable swimming pool. I bought this inflatable pool as a birthday gift for my friend’s young daughter. Friends’ kids love this inflatable pool very much, especial for the outlook of this inflatable pool. The quality is excellent, and the colour is adorable. This is the summertime in the UK and you can enjoy this beautiful inflatable pool with your children at home on weekends.

  2. Hazel

    Excellent paddling pool

  3. Ken D

    I am a bit impressed with the overall size of this inflatable pool as it is quite long and quite wide but it shallow so it’s not quite a swimming pool. As it’s not deep enough, about 1.5 feet, it is good for small toddlers, with floats, to learn to swim in. However, for larger toddlers it is basically a play pen full of water and they will have fun in it.

    This is good for families to relax and play in and teens will sit in the water for long periods during the hot summer months.

    As for adults, this is large enough for four to six adults to sit and relax in, with a few drinks of course. Although the instructions state it should be kept clear of obstacles I can only assume that is for when children are at play, so adults can act quickly in an emergency. However, if the pool is being used by adults, to relax and stay cool in then I can see no reason as to why one can’t have some small drinks tables alongside this.

    This pool can be inflated with a hand pump or a foot pump, of which the footpump is obviously faster but if one wants to inflate this in only a couple of minutes without exerting oneself then an electric air pump / compressed air pump will have this inflated rapidly.

    When deflating there is a seperate valve to release the air but if one has a reversable electric air pump / compressor then it can be inflated in no time if the air flow is reversed through the air pump.

    The longest time used on this pool is when filling it. Using a small bore garden hose takes some time but if one has a larger bore water hose then it is best connected to the cold tap alongside a bath as the taps on a bath have more pressue thus a fatser water flow and less time to fill. If a bath tap isn’t convenient then acold tap on a kitchen sink is next fastest and a small external tap in a garden is slowest. The higher the pressure the quicker this pool will fill.

    The quality of the product is good and relatively strong. The pool is easy to fold out and inflate but sadly I couldn’t fold it back the same way so it doesn’t quite fit the box that it comes in. I did fold it well but the box can’t close as about two inches of the deflated pool are sticking out. However, I have got it in an open box now so it does show that it does fold easy enough. Rather than trying to repack it into the box I am going to get a couple of bits of rope, possibly the type for securing cargo or items to a car’s roofrack. When I next fold it down again I will simply secure it with the ropes rather than try to get it in a box. Once roped it can be stored in a bag.

    Overall, I do like this longish pool but can only give it 4* as I can’t call it a “swimming pool”. The description would have been better if described as a “paddling”pool. It is good quality and will deliver much fun over a fair number of summers so it is good value and I am recommending it.

  4. Oirishsteve

    This isn’t a swimming pool but it is a large paddling pool and having been let down by the size of our previous paddling pool that was supposed to take adults and kids, this DOES take a couple of adults and a couple of kids, snug like but it does. It’s a tad expensive at just under £90 for a bit of PVC but hey at the end of the day you will have had such fun in the sunshine. I pumped this up in 15 minutes with a hand pump, yes it would have been a bit quicker with an electronic compressor but overall it wasn’t hard work. The are two outer rings to blow up and the seat bottom. The seat bottom is the usual standard small hole but it does have a valve where once air has entered it can’t escape and it takes a minute to pump just the seat up. The valves to the two outer rings that form the pool side walls are quite good in that you have the bare open hole and once you have pushed a certain amount of air in to the ring and it’s still soft but does form a decent shape you place the non escape valve over the hole and you can continue to push air in without it escaping. Once the ring wall is firm just place the outer cap over the inner valve. To help pull the valve out there is a handy plastic ring that sits under the outer valve cap, just ensure this is in place. There is a cap over a bare hole at the pool base or bottom this hole is attached to a plastic pipe that leads out and away from the pool. This is to me a bit unnecessary but it’s also handy for draining the water into a container so you can water the plants. As I say it’s unnecessary really as you can use a bucket to water the plants. Still it’s a nice touch. Once the whole pool is inflated it takes about forty minutes to fill to just about halfway the top ring. So it does take a lot of water. But hey what fun. Bring on the drinks and sit comfortably on the inflatable seat. I award four stars for a decent sized paddling pool, or lounge out the entire pool by yourself there’s enough room. Four stars. Don’t bring a dog into it, it might be tough PVC but just wait for a dog to puncture it!

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