HOUSN Paddling Pool, Swimming Pool Inflatable Pool Toys Pool Swimming Pool Toys Paddling Pool Above Ground Pool for Backyard Indoor & Outdoor, Fast…,

HOUSN Paddling Pool, Swimming Pool Inflatable Pool Toys Pool Swimming Pool Toys Paddling Pool Above Ground Pool for Backyard Indoor & Outdoor, Fast…,



HOUSN Paddling Pool, Swimming Pool Inflatable Pool Toys Pool Swimming Pool Toys Paddling Pool Above Ground Pool for Backyard Indoor & Outdoor, Fast…,

  • 【Upgraded Material & Durability】 This inflated pool is made using heavy-duty PVC materials which are 50% thicker than other pools. We thickened our inflated pool in order to reduce the risk of puncture and ensure a longer life. Two separate inflatable holes which makes it less likely for air leakage, can stay longer in summer time. Patch included for Accidental damage.
  • 【Healthy & Safe】 All materials used are BPA-free, Non-toxic, Durable, Anti-aging which meet the international standards for toys. The Paddling pool can be used as a ball pit or a sandbox.
  • 【Soft Padded Bottom】 Super soft inflatable floor is a protective barrier to play. So we have more fun, the parents are more at ease with this inflatable pool. Check the area under and around the pool for any sharp objects and/or debris that may cause a puncture.
  • 【Size of the Pool】 The Paddling pool is shallow in depth, measures 11.93″ x 10.31″ x 4.02″, suitable for 2-3, and perfect for helping swimmers become independent in the water. (Requires adult escort when playing)
  • 【Aquatic Fun】 This inflatable pool is a must-have for summer backyard fun. Set up the pool in your backyard to enjoy, play and give them much-needed relief from the summer heat.

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8 reviews for HOUSN Paddling Pool, Swimming Pool Inflatable Pool Toys Pool Swimming Pool Toys Paddling Pool Above Ground Pool for Backyard Indoor & Outdoor, Fast…,

  1. Ross T.

    Got this paddle pool as a replacement for smaller old one that had a puncture which couldn’t be repaired. This is a really great size pool for a paddle pool! You can see how big it is next to the sand pit which is 150 cm diameter. Even a grown up can get in with the kids without feeling like a pickle. The sides are high and strong enough to support your back if you wanna get in with the little ones. That said, it does take some time to inflate and you absolutely must have a pump or a compressor. There are two drain holes in it, so useful to let some water out easily, although I wouldn’t use it to drain it completely if full, as it does take a lot of water! Might be also worth getting a filter for it, as it really is quite large and can stay set up in the garden for the whole summer.

  2. Ross T.

    Pool is much larger than I expected. We have average water pressure and took about 2 hours to fill to the advised level which seemed really quick for a pool of this size. The kids absolutely love it. I would t recommend trying to manually inflate it, if you have a battery operated pump with a few different fitting then you should be able to find one that works in the 3 plugs. It has stayed inflated overnight too… considering getting a pool hoover so that we can kept the water in for longer than we’d planned. Would highly recommend.

  3. Jana R.

    Bought two for two birthday presents. For four years old. Went to inflate them, with a tyre pump. We would have been there all day. Looked on Google. We needed Two Air Pumps. Different houses. Kids don’t understand We have to go to Halfords. So Two Air Pumps Needed £15.00 each. So Seventy Four pounds went up too £52.00 a Present. Thank Amazon. Really wanted to send them back. Two grandchildren crying We couldn’t have. Sturdy pool when it went up.

  4. Sym

    Do not buy this pool ! Faulty as per other reviews but I took the chance as some said it was ok the top part of the pool that needs to stay inflated stayed inflated for maybe 10 minutes it’s a defect in the product, support said have you made sure you closed the connector properly ! noo that’s why I spent all day attaching the pump to try and keep it up so my son could use it, it had no damage at all so it has to have some kind of hairline hole, do not buy this under no circumstances the customer service is also rubbish, some half a*rsed email about have you closed the connector and has it been damaged, its strange how others have said the same thing! Luckily Amazon have refunded me and I have sent it back

  5. sharon harrison

    This is a great pool and good money for value. It would be beneficial for the company to establish the correct way to inflate as the website says inflate top ring only and the manual stipulates the bottom and the top. Please also note on your site that inflating on slopes cannot be effective. Thank you.

  6. Jana R.

    Perfect for the upcoming heatwave, spacious enough for adults as well as kids. Easy to inflate/deflate with pump, seems sturdy enough so far, inflated it and left it a day before putting water due to some of the reviews. Came with extended warranty, so I have the peace of mind if anything goes wrong I can contact the manufacturer, and it came with two waterproof repair patches for any small holes.

  7. Sym

    It is early to tell having only just received it, but so far it’s amazing. Really easy to set in place and easy to inflate (With a power inflator). It is big enough for what we need in that it is just a paddling pool in reality and you can only fill it 3/4 of the overall depth but it fits the purpose of some time to cool down perfectly.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Quick inflating/deflating time, used hoover blower for inflation with air pump attachment, didn’t realise the great size until inflated, impressive 3 layers, appeared sturdy, comes with a puncture patch. Having great time during the heatwave.
    Also, there was an email sent by the seller re useful tips and information – which I truly appreciate.

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