Duerer Inflatable Swimming Pools,241cm x 142cm x 56cm Inflatable Pools, Full-Sized Family Blow up Pool for Kids Toddlers Adults, Lounge Inflatable…,

Duerer Inflatable Swimming Pools,241cm x 142cm x 56cm Inflatable Pools, Full-Sized Family Blow up Pool for Kids Toddlers Adults, Lounge Inflatable…,



Duerer Inflatable Swimming Pools,241cm x 142cm x 56cm Inflatable Pools, Full-Sized Family Blow up Pool for Kids Toddlers Adults, Lounge Inflatable…,

  • 🏊 【FAMILY-SIZE POOL】Oversized family pool is produced using and BPA-free materials. the dimensions are 92″x56″x22″( 241cm x 142cm x 56cm). Large capacity inflatable swimming pools fit a family with 3-5 to enjoy a splashing pool party in summer.
  • 🏊 【SAFE & DURABLE】Made with high-quality materials, which 0. 4mm thickness, the inflatable swimming pool is twice thicker than most in the market, reducing the risk of punctures and ensuring a long service life. Extra repair patch and PVC material included in the package help prolong the lifespan.
  • 🏊 【STRONG & STURDY】Comes with 3 individual air chambers that can withstand extra weight while preventing air leakage so the pool is always ready for fun.
  • 🏊 【EASY TO USER】Inflates in 3-4 minutes by an electric pump (not included), two water valves double the drainage speed. 90° vertical drain pipe facilitates drainage.
  • 🏊【Multifunctional swimming pool】 The thickened family leisure swimming pool can be used not only as a swimming pool, but also as a ball pool, sandpit, fishing pool, and toy pool. It is an ideal choice for indoor entertainment and outdoor activities.

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Additional information

Product Dimensions


Item display height

‎56 centimetres

Item display length

‎241 centimetres

Item display width

‎142 centimetres

Material type

‎Polyvinyl Chloride


8 reviews for Duerer Inflatable Swimming Pools,241cm x 142cm x 56cm Inflatable Pools, Full-Sized Family Blow up Pool for Kids Toddlers Adults, Lounge Inflatable…,

  1. Lisa Grant

    My son likes this swimming pool. He is 5 years old. The swimming pool is big enough for him to splash in and float! We spent several hours in this swimming pool, but it is still strong and very solid. The sides are thick and easy to inflate. Each floor has its own inflatable area. We used an electric air pump to inflate, which took less than 5 minutes. There are two chambers on each floor, one is inflated and the other is larger and can be deflated. After removing the air pump, no air will escape from the inflatable chamber, which is great! So you don’t have to rush to plug the air before it escapes.
    I appreciate that this swimming pool has three layers of inflatable compartments! There are also two drain valves to facilitate draining and easy to use! I recommend draining and cleaning every 3-5 days!
    I would recommend this swimming pool for any family (suitable for parents and children)

  2. Lisa Grant

    The media could not be loaded.

     Unfortunately after 3rd time usage, water release joint was broken itself and the swimming pool started to leak. I certainly don’t recommend, it is a high price and poor quality product

  3. Ozan

    Not even used and i found two puncures! Fed up now as i seem to buy a pool every yr due to them not lasting a day never mind a few hot days we get in the summer (scottish weather!). Paid extra this time but i would have been better buying a cheap one, now got the added stress of getting my money back and finding another!!!

  4. Roberta Treutel

    I bought this pool for my grand kids and is excellent. Very sturdy and is deep for adults and adapt for kids.

    I highly recommend buying a air gun to inflate the pool, I have one and it took approx mins to fully inflate. I bought a ground cover to support and reduce punctures and a cover to stop leaves etc getting onto a pool.

  5. Roberta Treutel

    One day in its built of very sturdy material took a battering from the kids today and all good !
    I think it well worth the money! Would say it has drainage pipes on the bottom so on grass it’s fine not so sure on a hard surface though

  6. Ozan

    easy to inflate , not as big as i thought .

    However when i pulled the plug out to empty it , it ripped and is now totally unuseable , first couple of times i emptied it by deflating it , 3rd time i thought i’d do it properly so as not to have to inflate again WASTE OF MONEY

  7. Elmer Mitchell

    I purchased this pool a few weeks ago. We only very recently unboxed and inflated it. Initially it was brilliant, but that was for all of 5 minutes. Then the top two sections began to deflate. We’ve searched for punctures, but can not find any. We suspect that the valves are faulty and releasing air. I tried to speak with customer services and explain the situation. But no one was interested in helping me as the item was purchased over 30 days ago. Extremely disappointed with everything. I’ve wasted the best part of £100 on a pool that can’t be used and no one willing to assist me in the matter.

  8. Elmer Mitchell

    Buying this swimming pool is one of the best ways to stay away from the quarantine area, making the stay at home more interesting! The swimming pool is bigger than I expected. We are very suitable for two adults and a 3-year-old child. When we are in the pool, our dog also likes to play with us and jump to the edge, the pool seems to be strong enough, we have used the pool 3 times, so far So far everything is fine!
    👍I like Duerer pool👍
    -The transportation is fast, the packing is firm, and the swimming pool is very good after the inspection!
    -The description is very real. When I set it up, it surprised me very much. It was bigger than expected!
    -The pool does not have any peculiar smell, which is completely different from the comments I saw in other pools!
    -It comes with clear and simple instructions. Easy to inflate and fill.
    -The plastic ring is thick and strong. Draining and cleaning are easy.
    The Duerer pool is worth the price I paid! I will take care of it and have a great time!

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