Brace Master Inflatable Swimming Pool, 241cm x 142cm x 56cm, Blow Up Pool, Family Kiddie Pools, Full-Sized Inflatable Pool for Toddlers, Kids,…,

Brace Master Inflatable Swimming Pool, 241cm x 142cm x 56cm, Blow Up Pool, Family Kiddie Pools, Full-Sized Inflatable Pool for Toddlers, Kids,…,



Brace Master Inflatable Swimming Pool, 241cm x 142cm x 56cm, Blow Up Pool, Family Kiddie Pools, Full-Sized Inflatable Pool for Toddlers, Kids,…,

  • 🏊‍♀️【Family Full-Sized Inflatable Swimming Pool】Rectangular inflatable pool made from heavy-duty material with 0.40mm thickness and uses BPA-free materials. Brace Master inflatable above ground pool has a large capacity to fit your family or friends.
  • 🤿【Rugged & Stable Structure】3 individual air chambers each with double intake and free-flow exhaust valve which can withstand weight while preventing air or water leakage. Our inflatable swimming pool adds a thick bottom layer to effectively prevent the cold on the ground, avoid a rapid drop in water temperature.
  • 🩱【Easy to Set up & User-friendly】Inflate in 3-4 minutes by an electric pump (not included). The bottom drain lets you empty the pool without lifting it. Folds up small so you can store it anywhere. Brace Master large inflatable swimming pool is the perfect pick for the back lawn.
  • 🩳【Unique Beach Design】Our blow up pool adopts a different style from the market, beach design makes people more immersive. We hope to bring a different pool experience to adults and kids.
  • 👙【Multifunctional Kiddie Pool】Brace Master family swimming pool can not only be used as a swimming pool but also a ball pit, sandpit, fishing game pool, toy pool in the garden and backyard. Let your little guy enjoy more joy and fun at home.

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8 reviews for Brace Master Inflatable Swimming Pool, 241cm x 142cm x 56cm, Blow Up Pool, Family Kiddie Pools, Full-Sized Inflatable Pool for Toddlers, Kids,…,

  1. Mr SA

    The media could not be loaded.

     Our old, steel-framed, above-ground pool spent more time being repaired than used last year and I decided to get rid of it. It was also a big task to put it up and down, and it also used c.4000 litres of water! This year, I wanted something easier to put up/down/store that also used less water. This looked pretty much perfect. Big enough for four people to sit in, comfortably, but using significantly less water. It was really quick and easy to inflate. Using an electric pump, it took me 8-10 minutes max to inflate each of the three levels – starting from the lower one and working up. The PVC material is nice and thick, and it feels well-made. Along with a new lilo, our old chlorine dispenser and a small tarpaulin to go over it when not in use, we’re all set for the summer. Might have a little float, this evening…

  2. moon956

    The media could not be loaded.

     Yes it was easy to set up but it has a leak already and we haven’t even used it yet.
    I would like a replacement as it will not fit in the box it came in as I cannot vacuum seal it

  3. Miles

    The design is perfect for what I wanted however have blown up the pool only to find it’s defected and larger on one side compared to the other. This allows water to escape from the lower side when in use. I’d like to discuss options as returning the item seems tricky I very much doubt I would get the pool back in its original pack again?? See photos.

  4. Kaz Bishop

    This paddling pool is a good size at approx 8ft x 4ft and will fit a few kids & adults in at a time . It is very versatile and multifunctional . Great for family fun in the garden and for parties. It also is very good to use as a large sandpit for toddlers and young kids. Plus can be used indoors as a ball pit , just fill it with lots of coloured plastic balls . It is made of very good strong plastic and the price is very reasonable. I will be using it so much for family parties and gatherings, and will change the use according to the weather , so water n it on hot days and ball pit inside on raining days. Plus as a sandpit for my kids in the school holidays or even when they have friends for a sleepover , will keep the family occupied and entertained. Highly recommend this pool .

  5. moon956

    Large enough for my three kids, and possibly more! And emptying it and drying it out is such fun.
    Talking of emptying – we were thinking “hang on – when we DO empty it, the garden is going to be awash and soddened with this amount of water gushing out!”. The happy discovery was that we simply opened the bung, then left it lying where it was, still flat on the ground.
    TIP: If using a lawn or earth, put a sheet of something underneath first, like grass and soil stick to the base and are a pain to rinse off.

  6. Miles

    Had this up for 2 days now and the kids have loved it, aged 10 and 6. I didn’t want a great big super deep pool that takes hours on end to fill but wanted something bigger than our last one. All 4 of us can fit in and lay down in it too to cool off. Took just over an hour to fill, our water pressure is bad here though! Feels really thick and sturdy. Would definitely recommend.

  7. Mr SA

    Very disappointed with this item, i’ve been trying to inflate this paddling pull and will not hold air and deflates very quickly. Also i was recommended by the amazon “this item can be sold with” and was influenced to buy a pump which doesn’t appear to be compatible with this pool anyway. Today was the first day of great weather so as i was setting up the obvious became apparent of the above issues. Now I cannot return or exchange item as amazon this option to return expired 2 days ago.

  8. The OP

    Having a pool in the UK doesn’t sound like the most necessary thing however having three children at home who loved waterplay means that some form of reusable pool was necessary in our garden.

    This pool comes in quite a weighty package, once unpacked you need to spread it out in the location you want it in inflated which takes awhile unless you have a pump handy then fill it with either sand water or even play balls. We obviously have hours filled with water which so far we’ve drained it a couple of times in between due to not having a pump installed the water does tend to turn a little bit green when left, however empty and get him refilling it doesn’t take long so it’s not much of a hassle.

    Once up it’s a sturdy pool especially when you add the water which gives it a little bit more rigidity, our children are not the gent list of children so they do tend to jump into the pool quite aggressively but so far it stood up to this quite well.

    Packing it up takes a little bit of wild because you need to remove the plug at the bottom of the pool let it drain out and then deflate it manually although we do have a pump with a reverse setting which really does help pack it in easily.

    Overall it’s a sturdy reusable pool which we will be using all throughout this summer.

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