• Steel pro max series pools have an extremely rigid oval shape for durability and are easy to assemble (tool free)
  • Strong and durable build: Pool is made with heavy duty PVC with three ply tritech walls and wall support band for increased rigidity and strength
  • Anti-corrosion superior steel frame: The pool has undergone an anti-corrosion painting process for added protection and long lasting durability
  • Filter pump system and built-in drain valve: Keep your water clean and filter out dirt and debris; handy built-in drain valve makes water draining easy and fast
  • Seal and lock system: Distinctive system prevents friction between metal parts and stops rust formation for maximum durability and a secure connection
  • Dimensions: 3.66 m x 76 cm (12 ft x 30 Inch); Capacity (90 Percent ): 6,473 Litre (1,710 gal)
  • Includes: Pool, filter pump(220-240 V), compatible with cartridge 58093(I) 220-240 V


Additional information

Product Dimensions


Part number


Item display height

‎76 centimetres

Item display length

‎366 centimetres

Item display width

‎366 centimetres

Item display weight

‎24.22 Kilograms

Material type

‎Polyvinyl Chloride


‎6473 litres

Item volume

‎6473 Litres



8 reviews for Bestway,

  1. r c scott

    A great pool. Very easy to assemble I am a mom and I did it on my own. It took about 9 hours to fill to the required depth. I paid a lot for it as there were no other sites that had it available and I think I could of got it cheaper but that was my choice. So yes I would recommend it. So far so good!

  2. donna-marie

    filter pump that came with pool had a crack inside , when trying to get a replacement pump , seller said they had none in stock so requested us to let all water out of pool , and send the whole lot back , when we replied that we should not have to do this as it is due to no fault of our own, we asked them just for refund of filter pump alone , but they are still insisting we send the swimming pool back as well. this case is still going on 2 weeks later

  3. donna-marie

    I spent a while looking at reviews for different pools and reading about them before deciding on this one. I’m so pleased with it , it was fairly easy to put together , purchased foam mats to go underneath it (they sell them in packs of 4 on here and if anyone’s interested I got 10 packs!). And took around 8-10 hours ish to fill up.
    It’s heaven!! SO nice to lay in and relax in the hot weather , I think it’s the perfect size and depth , and you can fit quite a lot of inflatables in there too which is great.
    Such a great reliable make also because the electric pump I purchased , and the pool cover and some of the inflatables were the same make and they are all really good too!
    Best money I’ve spent.

  4. marshall

    Received my pool. Unfortunately the pump does not work. I cantacted the seller to ask them to send me another one, they responded with “you can use the pool without the pump” I bought the pool because it had a pump otherwise I could have bought a cheaper one. Very unhappy!!!

  5. Clair T.

    Massive pool for the money. Seems well but as of yet haven’t used it (cheers weather). As I haven’t used it I can’t comment on the effectiveness of the filter and pump but it is very small and am not very optimistic as to how effective it is.
    It took about 1 hour to assemble and about 8 – 10 hours to fill via the garden hose pipe.
    Make sure you have completely level and hard ground to place the pool on as any gradient can place a lot of stress on the side with the greater amount of water and thus potentially weaken the side. With that in mind the frame clips together and is held with plastic 8mm pins.

    If your reading this with the intention of buying I would recommend this as for the price you will get a lot of enjoyment if the weather permits. I would say if you get this pool don’t buy the solar cover as it still allows all the leafs etc to collect in the pool.

  6. P S.

    So, I have now had this for a while. The liner had split and leaked and the seller (who I would give 5 stars to) put me in touch with Bestway who eventually after a number of photos and videos sent out a new liner. I also bought a heater because the kids moan about tap water temperature. I also bought a pool cover to keep the heat in and the leaves out. I also had to buy the chemical kit because otherwise with kids it goes green and cloudy in a week. I also bought a pool vacuum because event with a cover you will still gets bugs, twigs, leaves and bits on the floor of the pool. I also have just bought the FlowClear Bestway pump to replace the very flimsy pump that comes with it which got clogged with green gunk so many times over the course of just a four week period that it started causing problems with the heater (as the flow rate was too low, it would seem). I have also bought some strong play matting because it is on our patio and the patio surface is way too hard for kids to be jumping around on in water (it kills grass perfectly, so patio was the only option for us). The only extras I have not (yet) bought that other reviewers have are the steps and a parasol to cover it when super sunny so that kids don’t burn. So, my guidance to all readers would be – don’t think for one second that this is a plug and play toy and that it includes everything you need if you want to use it for an enjoyable summer. It’s the thin-end of the spending wedge.

    That said, now that I have spent at least four times the price of the pool and got very familiar with Bestway customer services (and only this morning ordered a yet-further top up on the necessary pool chemicals to keep it clear and not green), the kids absolutely love it. As does everyone who visits. Get one.

  7. Puds

    I would not advise customers to purchase through this company or purchase this product. The pool was delivered before due date however when put together and filled with water we quickly noticed holes in the base lining.

    I have been trying to claim a refund since it’s arrival as have amazon on my behalf. the company have continued to insist that the manufacturer are responsible for rectifying the problem with the faulty goods, rather than themselves as stipulated under The Consumer Right Act.

    I have now escalated my request for refund through Amazon complaints, which I understand they are dealing with.

    The base of the product is paper thin and not in my option fit for purpose.

  8. sara ellis

    Can’t recommend this pool enough, don’t think about it just buy it. Extreamly easy to put together, my daughter and me done it in an hour as we didn’t want to wait for the boys to get home. Takes about 4 hours to fill but my kids played in this pool all summer holidays, I even got in a couple of times. Bought chlorine capsules, a net and cleaned out with mop, packed away ready for next year. Money well spent although expensive worth every penny.

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