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The moon waxes and wanes, but my love remains the same.
Let us walk together amidst the blooming flowers.
Happy 1st…
July 29, 2022 - @TearsofThemisEN

MJ giving Jeter his flowers #TheCaptain

MJ giving Jeter his flowers

July 29, 2022 - @espn

Muslims are arrested for quietly praying in public and in small groups, but when Hindus block entire highways to ce…
July 28, 2022 - @cjwerleman

RT @MBetthi: "Flowers have started to bloom on the cherry (blossom) tree. Which reminds me of the way you used to run so energetically"

July 30, 2022 - @luckyolotl

RT @natureandtiff: Trifecta of ‘Belinda’s Dream’ #gardening #GardeningTwitter...

RT @natureandtiff: Trifecta of ‘Belinda’s Dream’ #gardening #GardeningTwitter #flowers
July 30, 2022 - @Existential2Day

@ririka163 Dearest Ririka... Find joy in the flowers... Love and Blessings...

Dearest Ririka...
Find joy in the flowers...
Love and Blessings ...✨
July 30, 2022 - @janisexton

RT @Brittaneysays: After listening to “Energy” I feel like Beyonce’ crediting Kelis was her way of giving Kelis her flowers. I honestly thi…
July 30, 2022 - @DeeDaniels_17

RT @untimelysarada: Beauty with flowers #sarada #boruto #saradauchiha...

RT @untimelysarada: Beauty with flowers
#sarada #boruto #saradauchiha #BorutoNarutonextgenerations
July 30, 2022 - @SuMoonlightgirl

RT @MBetthi: "Flowers have started to bloom on the cherry (blossom) tree. Which reminds me of the way you used to run so energetically"

July 30, 2022 - @takinichej

RT @ilenagm: #SixOnSaturday is the last #Saturday of #July it has been a heat index of 110 Fahrenheit here which means it’s 80 degrees Fa…
July 30, 2022 - @Haroon64706806

RT @anie_yap: I couldn’t be more happier than this. My old Vanda collections finally give me flowers again. #orchids #orchidslovers…
July 30, 2022 - @Orchideenfans

Building this survival and exploration game experience from the ground up with aesthetics in mind.…
July 30, 2022 - @ZyndraxStudios

  • Water capacity (90%): 3, 300 L (872gal.)
  • Easy set up
  • Rust-resistant metal frames – heavy-duty PVC and polyester 3-ply side walls
  • Flow control drain valve for easy draining valve attaches to garden hose so water can be drained away from the pool area
  • Easy to take down for off-season storage

, Bestway Steel Pro Pool Set Swimming Pool, 3300 Liters, Blue, 300 x 201 x 66 cm,, 142.99, Bestway, ,

Additional information

Product Dimensions


Part number


Item display height

‎66 centimetres

Item display length

‎300 centimetres

Item display width

‎201 centimetres

Item display weight

‎18.81 Kilograms

Material type

‎Polyvinyl Chloride


‎3300 litres

Item volume

‎3300 Litres



8 reviews for Bestway

  1. Stoneysoprano

    Having made the purchase, I came across several articles online bemoaning a) the assembly instructions, and b) the filter pump. My son and I built this together in around two hours – he’s only 12, so I expect it would be quicker between two adults (though he did a fantastic job!). The instruction are fine – providing you take the time to get all of the components out, check them off, understand the essential structure before starting the construction. The only criticism of the instructions is the font point size, and so a magnifying glass is advised for those whose eyesight is not what it once was! I’ve only put the filter pump on for the first time today, and so far that works fine: make sure all supply pipes are as horizontal as possible, and give each pipe a good shake to get any excess air bubbles moving along. All in all, a robust and pleasing product. Just need to get a heater now!

  2. Monique n.

    easy to set up. it says you need 2-3 ppl for 20 min. I done it by my self as it is so easy to do.
    It feels very well done made. We took 3mx2m and it is large enough that it even our teenager thinks it’s cool.

  3. sharon

    Decided to get this pool as it came with a pump. However it has been up a week and the pump has now stopped working. Contacted seller and they will not send out replacement pump so pool will be going to the tip. Seller not very helpful.

  4. cindy

    Good quality swimming pool. The kids loved it. Quite easy to assemble and feels sturdy although only used once so difficult to comment long term. We used for a couple of weeks and filter worked well for larger debris. I used a UV pond filter to try and ensure the best water quality.

  5. sharon

    The pool is very easy to assemble! We have had the pool for a number of years with no problems at all

  6. cindy

    this is amazing takes ages 2 full but a fantastic pool that kids and adults love great buy

  7. Simon Walsh

    Amazing! Great size! Easy to set up too, I actually set this up by myself probably would have been quicker with 2 persons but hey ho off Mam goes lol 😂 lovely size for both adults and children.

  8. Simon Walsh

    My son and dog loves the pool
    Would recommend

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